The True Southern History Is Here to Stay

I just read a social media post written by someone who is angry about the way that people are “destroying Southern history”.

Fellow Americans, the history that was made by our gallant and patriotic ancestors existed BEFORE the monuments did … and will remain long after the monuments have eroded from weather or have been removed by other means.

The ground that they hallowed with their blood was made holy BEFORE the markers were erected and battlefields were preserved.

The patriotic stand that our brave ancestors took to preserve their constitutional rights to self government, in the face of an invasion of forces that were superior in number and weaponry, existed BEFORE the history books about them were written.

Their glorious history, and the truths that it bears, has existed BEFORE anyone read about it in southern or northern newspaper articles that were written in the days or weeks that immediately followed their brave and honorable deeds.

No cowardly actions taken by fearful politicans can ever destroy or erase that history of bravery and honor.  It is up to us to preserve that history by passing it on to future generations.

Even when a frightened politician “wins” a minor skirmish that removes a simple monument … the true and honorable history behind that monument cannot be erased or destroyed, but will forever remain … and we will continue to fight to protect the monuments and flags that help us to bear witness to that truth.

Deo vindice.


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